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Red Galaxy Elite Sand Socks

Quick Overview:

ELITE SAND SOCKS® by Vincere Sports.

Our ELITE Sand Socks design offer improved performance over traditional Sand Socks for the more competitive athlete.

Improved performance and benefits of the ELITE Sand Socks include:
-A snug, more athletic fit
-Neoprene side panels for arch and side-of-foot protection with superstretch neoprene for comfortable, snug fit
-Low enough to be cool and high enough to keep the sand out
-Added neoprene protection at the toe and sides
-New engaging colors
-Optional stabilizing elastic strap for improved stability
-Thicker neoprene sole for improved thermal performance
-Made in the USA
-The same quality materials and workmanship which make Sand Socks the footwear of choice for professional beach athletes worldwide

Stay ahead of the competition in performance and style. Elite Sand Socks are designed for the more competitive athlete. Elite Sand Socks take it to the next level to enhance performance and protection on the sand in hard core competition. Get the barefoot comfort you love with a new improved snug fit, protective side panels and a functional removable, stabilizing strap. Comfortable, flexible and light weight so you can manipulate balance, move faster and jump higher. Elite Sand Socks are low enough to be cool, high enough to keep the sand out.

These performance socks have an Action Flex Sole with 3-4mm of neoprene protection and stretch neoprene toes, heels, and side panels to insolate your feet from hot, cold, gritty, or abrasive surfaces. Elite Sand Socks are made for hot or cold sand, or in or out of water. They can be worn alone or under shoes, sandals, or fins. Unmatched high quality Spandex and neoprene with reinforced flat-lock stitching make them durable, breathable and quick drying. Engineered for comfort and performance, the Elite Sand Socks feel great on your feet! 

Great for: Beach volleyball, sand soccer, sand football, beach activities, walking, jogging, beach lounging and leisure activities. Also great for yoga, Pilates, and other mat sports.

Elite Sand Socks Size (*based on US Shoe Size):
XXS:   Women 1-3,      Men 1- 2
XS:   Women 3½ - 6,      Men 2½ - 4
S:   Women 6½ - 8½,      Men 4½ - 6½
M:   Women 9 - 11½,      Men 7 - 10
L:   Women 12 - 14,      Men 10½ - 12
XL:   Women 14½+,      Men 12½ - 14
XXL:        Men 14½+


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